"Eat the RICH" tote bag
"Eat the RICH" tote bag
"Eat the RICH" tote bag

"Eat the RICH" tote bag

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Or they will EAT you!

I always carry one Tote bag at all times!

You never know when you'll be in mood for shopping!

You can choose one of two BEST quality fabrics:

  • EXTREMELY Soft Velvet
  • Textured furniture fabric

Tote bags are avalable in three sizes:

  • “S” (32 x 40 cm) is a size for your 1 liter water bottle and fruit snacks for you and your friends
  • “M” (40 x 40 cm) is a perfect size for your daily grocery shopping
  • “L” (48 x 39 cm) is perfect for your day at the beach! Towel, clothes and a big bottle of water. (stay hydrated) 

All Tote bags have zipper and inner pocket

Designs by lithuanian artist Indrė Ša