Tote bag "FIRST KISS"
Tote bag "FIRST KISS"
Tote bag "FIRST KISS"
Tote bag "FIRST KISS"
Tote bag "FIRST KISS"
Tote bag "FIRST KISS"

Tote bag "FIRST KISS"

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“First kiss”

Do you remember your first kiss?
Blissful moment kept away from others.
Spring petals. Rosy cheeks.
All the promises we made that day,
We’ll keep forever in our hearts.


Do you like Tote bags with colorful designs? We LOVE them!
This is the best choice for everyday use. Don’t forget your wonderful Tote bag when going for groceries and avoid buying plastic bags!
Universal length straps (65-70 cm), zipper and inner pocket.
Lightweight, comfortable, washable in washing machines!



Thick and durable textured fabric that won’t let you down!
All products are made from the best quality fabrics - 100% polyester.



S ~ 33 x 41 cm

Don’t judge a book by its cover! S sized Tote bag is small, but spacious. Perfect choice for carrying documents or even a small laptop! 

M ~ 40 x 40 cm (10 cm bottom)

Our most popular Tote bag size. Your best companion for grocery shopping. Will also be convenient for going out and carrying all of your necessities. 

L ~ 47 x 38 cm (12 cm bottom)

Are you ready for REAL grocery shopping or going to the beach. This Tote bag is for you, trust us. It will fit all  of your groceries!