"Chill out" fanny pack
"Chill out" fanny pack
"Chill out" fanny pack

"Chill out" fanny pack

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 Why you're so anxious?

What can be more convenient than a Fanny pack?

It's the safest place for your phone keys and wallet

You can choose one of two BEST quality fabrics:

  • EXTREMELY Soft Velvet
  • Textured furniture fabric

Fanny packs are avalable in two sizes:

  • “M” (14 x 40 x 9 cm) is a smart, compactable choice 
  • “L” (17 x 44 x 9 cm) has more space for more things

All Fanny packs have inner pocket, zipper and lining

Designs by lithuanian artist Indrė Ša