"Eat the RICH" pillow
"Eat the RICH" pillow
"Eat the RICH" pillow

"Eat the RICH" pillow

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 If you eat the rich, you become one

Where do we spent most of our free time? At home of course, where nobody bothers us and we can relax.

Decorate your room with our ATTITUDE pillows!

All pillowcases are incredibly soft made from our furniture velvet.

Pillows are avalable in three sizes:

  • “S” (35 x 35 cm) cute and cozy!
  • “M” (45 x 45 cm) universal pillow for your everyday chilling
  • “L” (70 x 70 cm) gigantic pillow aka. PILLOW KING!!!

Inner pillow is not included.

Designs by lithuanian artist Indrė Ša